Generator Suppliers in UAE

generator suppliers in UAE

 Adex International are the largest generator suppliers in uae. Adex generators are available in different capacities and available types are 2.6KV generator, 3.3KV generator, 4KV generator, 4.7KV generator, 5.8KV generator, 6.5KV generator and 10KV generator.
 Located in Dubai and trade all over gulf and african countries, Adex International serves all the generator requirements of UAE, Middle East and African Countries.
 Adex Generator brands include Honda Elemax and Fuji Kubota
 Generators are one of the most fundamental aspect of any construction project as power supply is needed to operate various machines and equipment. Therefore quality generators are always in high demand in the GCC market where construction is very extensively done.
 Honda generators have always been known for their reliable and quality generators that gives years of uninterrupted service. Elemax honda generators are the most selling generator in the UAE as the generator uses honda engine in their generator.
 Adex International LLC is the supplier and authorised dealer for Elemax honda generators in the UAE with branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain .We also have an export division which supply to GCC ,African and Asian countries like Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt , Bahrain, Qatar etc.
 Powering up UAE with Top Class Generators
 We, at Adex International, are key generator suppliers in UAE. Our generators are in use across industrial sites and even across major commercial districts. We specialize in offering state of the art generators- portable and otherwise, just for you.
 Our Products and the Diversity
 We cater to a whole lot of diverse clients. Hence, we take great care to come up with the most innovative and most appropriate generators. Our products are made of sturdy parts and accessories and can power up industrial sites, and quarries in the UAE with ease.
 With the capacity to produce around 2500KVA of power, our generators are usually in high demand. Even the reserve capacity is quite competitive, making our generators the first choice.
 What Makes Us So Special?
 Our R&D teams are committed to understanding client requirements before working out on solutions for them. It has helped us to be the most preferred generator suppliers in the UAE today.
 We have client support teams working round the clock to help you with any technical troubleshooting too. Our on-site and off-site auditing of generators regularly keep the products functioning all their life smoothly and without any glitch.