Insect-o-cuter Insect Killer In Uae

Insect-o-cuter Insect Killer In Uae

Insect-o-cuter Insect Killer In Uae

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Insect-O-Cutor is the world\'s leading flying insect control solutions provider, and has remained at the forefront of technical and design innovation since the brand was founded in 1962.

Insect-O-Cutor Offering a comprehensive range of flying insect control product, from electric killing grid flykillers to glueboard devices, flyscreens to decorative units, Insect-O-Cutor provides leading insect prevention and control for a wide range of applications. Insect-O-Cutor Recent leading product developments include the innovative Edge glueboard flykiller, the Allure killing grid unit and the stylish yet discreet Aura decorative unit.

Insect-O-Cutor Alongside innovative flykillers, Insect-O-Cutor also offers pest control professionals a wide range of branded consumables, including the leading Glupac glueboard brand, and patented Synergetic dual wavelength UV tubes.

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