manufacturing security products and one of the world’s largest producers of
Bank Safes, Industrial safes, Automatic Safe Lockers ,Strong rooms, Vault
doors, Rotary cash deposit, Hotel guest safe deposit lockers, Fire resistant data
cabinets ,Fire resistant and explosion proof safes. Internationally recognized for its High security and technical expertise and
has been used in all the major international banks in the world to protect
their critical assets.


Burglary safes

Deposit Safes

Fire Safes


Modular Safes

Safe Deposit Lockers

Storage Cabinets

Vaults and Vault Doors



ECB•S (European Certification Boards•Security, Fire
& Life Safety)

SP (Technical Research Institute
of Sweden)

SBSC (Swedish Fire and Safety

VdS (The Authority for Safety
and Security)

CNPP (Centre national de prévention et de protection)

UL (Underwriters Laboratories)

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

Saint Etienne's National Test



·specializes in Fire and burglary
resistant file drawers,data cabinets ,file cabinets and file cupboards

 lockers are extensively used in
the world’s biggest banks for its exceptional security features and level of

·         vault doors are used in most of
the museums and banks for its superior security with multi key access systems
where multiple keys are required to facilitate access .The doors are fire
resistant and ballistic resistant.

The new  InviKtus safe is launched,
provides triple certification against burglary, fire and explosion.
State-of-the-art protection technology all in one product.

The automatic safety locker system is the
epitome of locker security as the locker boxes are handled automatically by
robots and no human interference is possible



The key used for the safes are handmade and patented with
unique features like Key lock with floating levers, self-adjusting key in key
lock, key with sliding ball,10 million key possibilities. The key locks are
extremely silent making it hard for burglars to unlock manually and has 63
million different combinations making safes and lockers almost
burglar proof.


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